Chill Touch is a level 1 spell from the Mage Book in Icewind Dale.

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When the caster completes this spell, a blue glow encompasses his/her hand. This energy attacks the life force of any creature upon which the wizard makes a successful melee attack. The touched creature must make a Save vs. Spell or suffer 1d4 points of cold damage and receive a -1 THAC0 penalty for 1 turn after being struck.

An undead creature suffers no damage or to-hit penalty from Chill Touch, but will be affected by panic for 2 turns unless it successfully makes a Save vs. Spell.

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The Complete Book of Necromancers, a supplementary sourcebook to the basic Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition ruleset, which Icewind Dale is based on, lists this as a forbidden spell of black necromancy, most appropriate for evil characters.

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