Chromatic Orb is a level 1 spell from the Mage Book in Icewind Dale.

It is also available for avengers, and automatically scribed into their Priest Scroll at level 1; see this page for their version of the spell.


This spell creates a 4-inch-diameter sphere that can be hurled unerringly to its target. The orb's effects depend on the level of the caster:

Caster level Effects
1 Inflicts 1d4 magical damage and blinds the target for 1 round.
2 Inflicts 1d6 fire damage and "pain" upon the victim: penalty of 1 to Armor Class and THAC0 for 1 round.
3 Inflicts 1d8 magical damage and additionally burns the victim for 1d3 fire damage.
4 Inflicts 1d10 magical damage and blinds the target for 4 rounds.
5 + 6 Inflicts 1d12 magical damage and stuns the target for 3 rounds.
7 and up Inflicts 2d8 magical damage and paralyzes the victim for 13 rounds.

A successful Save vs. Spell negates all effects, resistances are not bypassed. The lingering effects of blindness, pain, being stunned or paralyzation can be dispelled.


  • In Icewind Dale, this spell is not as reliable for spellcasting interruption as Magic Missile, unlike in the Baldur's Gate series, because here a successful save completely negates all effects from this spell.
  • On the other hand, the big advantage is that enemies do NOT receive any bonus to their Save against this spell in Icewind Dale, whereas in case of the Baldur's Gate series, enemies receive a whopping +6 Bonus to Save vs. this spell, which makes its secondary effects (like Paralyzation) inconsistent, and ineffective against most high-level enemies.
  • The Blindness effect works on undead creatures as well.

Spell scrollEdit

  1. Pomab's Emporium - 2nd floor - left bookshelf

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