Color Spray is a level 1 spell from the Mage Book in Icewind Dale.

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This spell creates a vivid, fan-shaped spray of clashing colors to spring forth from the caster's hand. Creatures within the area are affected in order of increasing distance from the wizard. All creatures in the area above the level of the caster or ones that have greater than 6 Hit Dice must make a Save vs. Spell. The spell's effects depend on the caster---

  • Creatures with Hit Dice/levels fewer than or equal to the caster are knocked unconscious (do not awaken when struck) for 5 rounds.
  • Those with Hit Dice/levels one or two greater than the wizard are blinded for 3 rounds.
  • Any other creatures are stunned for 1 round.

Blind creatures are unaffected by the color spray.

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