Code AR1000
Type Town
Notable inhabitants Hrothgar


Authority Townspeople
Easthaven is where the adventures of Icewind Dale start. While the party seeks shelter from the cold and enjoys some drinks in the Winter's Cradle Tavern, they will be approached by Hrothgar, who introduces himself to the party and tells them about the coming expedition he is organising. He needs able adventurers to join on this expedition and he thinks your party is up to the task. If you are interested, you should head to his home to sign up and get more information.


Starting from the left in clockwise order.

  • Easthaven Warehouse, this is where all food supplies and scrimshaw for the village are stored.
  • A few homes from some unnamed villagers.
  • In the northwestern corne of the town, the wooden building with the blue-stained glass windows is a Temple dedicated to Tempus, the god of war.
  • The two buildings on the right of the temple are homes owned by unnamed villagers. The third building right of the temple is Hrothgar's Home.
  • Right of Hrothgar's house is the building of the Fishmonger.
  • Winter's Cradle Tavern is the building left of the Pomab's Emporium, which is in the northeastern corner.
  • Beneath the emporium is the Snowdrift Inn.
  • The building near the shores of Lac Dinneshire is a building from a fisherman.
  • Old Jed's Home.


Quests and side-questsEdit