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If you are new to wiki or simply new to this wiki, please check the help page if you need some help with editing. If that doesn't help you, visit our forum. See the Helping out section on this page if you don't where to start editing. Because this wiki and Baldur's Gate Wiki are very similair, you can find a lot of information there which might not be here yet
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As you have noticed, this is a brand new wikia and it has only a few pages of content so far. If you are looking for information about classes, spells and game mechanics, the Baldur's Gate wiki has a lot of revelant information.

For specific information about these games, there isn't much available yet. In the case you want to help making this wikia operational, contact User:23dutch45man for details.The first priorities I have are completing the prologue chapter and the Kuldahar section. After that, I will make a list of the spells in Icewind Dale and Icewind Dale II,

You can help this wiki by:

  • Creating new pages, please look at this page before you start editing. It gives some examples how different kinds of pages should look like.
  • Create new categories, see this page before you start.
  • Adding quest names on this list.
  • Upload pictures of items, NPC's, buildings, monsters.

If you have some questions, feel free to ask them on the forum.

Games and expansion packs
Icewind Dale (2000) Icewind Dale II (2002)
Expansion packs
Icewind Dale: Hearts of Winter (2001) Icewind Dale: Trails of the Luremaster (2001)
Enhanced games
Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition (2014) Icewind Dale II: Enhanced Edition (????)

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