This page is a guideline on how to create new categories on any wikia,but for this wiki, there are a few criteria which must be met before creating a new one. This article was last updated at 14 September 2014.

Creating a new categoryEdit

To create a category, go to the page where you want to add this new category. You can add a new category to a page with three different methods:

  1. Go to the bottom section of the page and find the category section and select the button Add category.
  2. Click on the edit button, set in visual mode and make sure the category tools are opened on the right section of the screen and start adding categories.
  3. Click on the edit button, set in any viewing mode and add for example:

After you have added the category to the page, it will appear in red letters, which means it doesn't exist yet. Click on the category, this will bring you to the category page, where you select the Create button. Add on the category a short description for which pages this category should be used. After that, you can add categories to the category page in case you want to appear as a subcategory on existing categories page. When you're finished, select the publish button. You have successfully created a new category.

Criteria for a new categoryEdit

When you create a new category, you must meet all requirements as below:

  • To how many page can this category be added to at the moment and how many in the future? If the answer is less than five, it's probably unnecessary to create it.
  • Check if [[Category:Plate Armor]] doesn't exist before making [[Category:Plate armor]]. Categories are case sensitive. Another example is [[Category:Areas from the World Map]] and [[Category:Areas World Map]].
  • Make sure that the create you create is an objective category, such as Category:Weapons. Categories like "Annoying Characters" or "Awesome Weapons" are subjective, which means that every user has an opinion whether that page belongs to the category or not.


  • You can look at Special:Categories if a certain category does exist yet.
  • Ask a founder or administrator if you aren't certain if a new category is needed before creating it and adding it to a lot of pages. It can save a lot time cleaning this wiki!

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