Type Town
Places Orrick's Tower, Conlan's Armory, Temple of Ilmater, Oswald's zeppelin, inn, tavern, pottery,
Notable inhabitants Archdruid Arunsel, Orrick the Grey, Conlan,
Kuldahar is a village, with a remarkable large tree in the middle of the town, which gives the area enough warmth to protect the area from the cold.


Orrick the Grey, a wizard as profession, is selling scroll to the party and other magical trinkets. His tower is northwest in the area.

Conlan, the smith sells mundane weapons and armor, while he does have a large array of magical items, both generic and special. He can be found north in the area.

Oswald Fiddlebender, a gnome inventor who is selling all kinds of potions. He can be found in the non-functioning airship northeast of the area.

There is close to the entry area a shop which sells ammunition, and buy and sell all kinds of trinkets.

Temples and InnsEdit

In the northeastern part of town, you can find a temple of Ilmater, where you can receive healing.

In the northern part of the town, you can find a tavern and near the roots of the tree there is an Inn.

Other notable buildingsEdit

Near the the small tree and under some roots of the tree, you can find Archdruid's building where you can find Arunsel.


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