ApplebaneArmor ClassArrow
Aspel's DaggerBasic Helmets (Icewind Dale)Bastard Sword
Battle AxeBoltBottle of Wine
BulletCairn BladeCelebrant's Axe
Chain MailCharismaChurin
ClubComposite LongbowConlan
Conlan's KeyConstitutionDamien
DartDexterityDorn's Deep
Dragon's EyeEasthavenEverard
FlailGerthGnomish Tools
Gold PieceGrisellaHalberd
Heavy CrossbowHildreth HighhammerHrothgar
Hrothgar's HomeIcewind Dale: Enhanced EditionIcewind Dale Wiki
IntelligenceJhonenJoril's Axe
Knucklehead TroutKuldaharKuldahar Pass
Large ShieldLaurel of SuneLeather Armor
Light CrossbowList of quests all gamesLong Sword
Long Sword +1LongbowLynx Eye Gem
MaceMage Robe of Cold ResistanceMorning Star
Old JedOswald FiddlebenderPale Justice
Plate MailPomab's EmporiumPomab Ak'azmhir
Potion BagPotion of HealingQuarter Staff
QuimbyRing of Pain AmplicationRogue
ScimitarScroll CaseSevered Hand
ShortbowShortswordSilver Necklace
SkullSlingSnowdrift Inn
SpearSplint MailStrength
Studded Leather ArmorTemple of Tempus (Easthaven)Temple of the Forgotten God
TempusThe Golden LodgeThe High Torturer
Two-handed AxeTwo-handed SwordVale of Shadows
Wand of Magic MissileWar HammerWinter's Cradle Tavern
WisdomYeti Pelt
File:AR1015.pngFile:AR1100.pngFile:Accalia NPC IWD.png
File:Everard NPC IWD.pngFile:Favicon.icoFile:Grisella NPC IWD.png
File:Hildreth Highhammer NPC IWD.pngFile:Hrothgar.pngFile:Hrothgar NPC IWD.png
File:Hrothgar gorgon.pngFile:Hrothgar illithid.pngFile:Hrothgar invisiblestalker.png
File:Icewinddale map.jpgFile:Jhonen NPC IWD.pngFile:Long sword.PNG
File:Long sword 1.PNGFile:Old Jed NPC IWD.pngFile:Pale justice.PNG
File:Quimby NPC IWD.pngFile:Red copyright.pngFile:Studded Leather Armor small image IWD.png

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