Mage Robe of Cold Resistance
Item value 300 GP
Weight 3 lbs.
Identify 20
Item code CLCK09
Resistance (%)
Cold +20
Other information
Appears in Icewind Dale I and Icewind Dale II
Not usable by Mage, Sorcerer
Item Icon
Mage Robe of Cold Resistance offers the wearer 20% cold resistance. It has a weight of 3 lbs and it can only be worn by mages.

In-game descriptionEdit

Mage Robes of Cold Resistance are a common sight in the Sword Coast region, especially as one travels north towards Neverwinter and the Icewind Dales. Many young mages receive it as a gift from their instructors upon successfully completing their first five years of study. As with other such robes, they can only be worn by those of the wizardly profession.

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