Ring of Pain Amplication
Item value 1 GP
Weight 0 lbs.
Identify 50
Item code RINGPAN
Resistance (%)
Crushing -20
Piercing -20
Slashing -20
Other information
Appears in Icewind Dale
Only usable by All classes can wear this ring.
Special Cursed, can't be removed without Remove Curse Spell.
Item Icon
Ring of Pain Amplication is a cursed ring which has only a harmful effect on the wearer, it increases damage received from piercing, slashing and crushing attacks and if it's equipped, it can only be unequiped by using the Remove Curse spell. It's dropped by the High Torturer, who can be found in a hidden around in the fifth level of the Dragon's Eye dungeon.

In-game descriptionEdit

This cursed ring fuses itself to the wearer's finger, only coming off if a Remove Curse spell is used on the wearer. While it is in use, the wearer suffers extra damage from all melee attacks. Lovitarians are known to create these items and distribute them throughout the realms for their own amusement.

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