Item value 1 GP
Weight 5 lbs.
Item code SPER01
Combat type Melee
Proficiency Type Spears in IWD. Polearms in IWD II.
Handing 2-handed
Range 2 ft.
Damage 1d8
Damage type Piercing
Speed 8
Minimum requirements
Strength 5
Other information
Appears in Icewind Dale and Icewind Dale II
Not usable by Cleric, Mage, Monk, Sorcerer, Rogue
Item Icon
Spears are piercing weapons which require two hands and 5 Strength to wield them. They have a range of 2 feet, which means they can be used from a distance in melee, so the wielder doesn't get hit. This weapon weighs 5 lbs, inflicts 1d8 points of damage and has a speed factor of 8.

Where to acquireEdit

In-game descriptionEdit

One of man's earliest weapons, dating back to the most primitive of times, the first spears were simply wooden poles or sticks sharpened at one end. When man mastered metals, spearheads were made from iron and steel. Having reached this end, weaponers began experimenting with different types of spear heads, thus leading to the development of certain polearm types.

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