Temples of Tempus are dedicated to the god of war, Tempus. This temple is inhabitated by Everard, a former warrior and now a priest, and an initiate, Accalia. Underneath this temple lies Jerrod's Stone, but the entrance to the room, which is between the horse statues, is off-limits due to wards made by the Battle Lord himself. Even Everard doesn't know how to break them.


Altough this temple doesn't provide any services from the start of the game, much can be learned about Tempus, Jerrod and the church of Temples by talking to Everard and Accalia.

Weapons and armor stored in the templeEdit

In clock-wise order, starting with the warhammer

  • Warhammer close the entrance, Bonecracker:
This huge warhammer looks as if it would take the combined strength of two men to wield it. It's think, steel head is bound with studded bronze bands and is speckled what appears to be dried blood. The inscription upon its stand reads: "Bonecracker. This magnificent weapon belonged to the legendary warrior Dumok the Fist, who died in the assault on Dragonspear Castle[1]."
  • Battle axe next to Bonecracker:
The blade of this axe is buried deep winto the stand upon which it rests. Hundreds of tiny notches have been whittled into its black, oaken handle. The inscription upon its stand reads: "Bloody Ashrem's Axe. This merciless warlord reputedly used this axe to personally execute his prisoners. He was eventually brutally dismembered by his own troops."
  • In the corner under the horse statues, a stand with a round shield is placed:
This is a round shield with a number of wicked barbs protuding from its surface. A flaming sword, the holy symbol of Tempus, has been etched into the center of the shield. The inscription upon its stand reads: "The Shield of Maergeth of the Order of the Steel Fang, slain upon the eleventh day of the battle Boareskyr Bridge[2]."
  • Lance in the corner above the horse statues:
This long and slender lance is of astonishing quality and workmanship. The entire length of it appears to have been coated in gold and its handle is inlaid with various precious gems. The inscription upon its stand reads: "The Golden Lance of Kedwyr. Heralded as the greatest horseman to ever ride into battle, Kedwyr died gloriously upon the fields of Dead [3], alongside his trusted charger, Onyx."
  • Shield close the lance:
This is a large shield with the symbol of a white sword emblazoned upon its surface. Numerous dents and scatches indicate this shield has seen many battles. The inscription upon its stand reads: "The Shield of Ahoinen[4]. A veteran of many battles against the Uthgardt barbarians, Ahoinen was slain whilst battling a white dragon matriarch upon the waves of Lac Dinneshere[5]. His body and his blade were never recoverd."
  • Helmet near the entrance:
This battered, steel helmet is crested with the five serpentine heads of a hydra. The inscription upon its stand reads: "The Helm of Ghardumm Greenaxe. Ghardumm was the captain of the famed adventuring company, the Dragonclaw Clan. The fate of this legendary swordsman is a mystery, though he is presumed to be dead. He was last seen entering the Marsh of Tun[6], alone."