Winter's Cradle Tavern
Area code AR1006 and 1015 for the cellar.
Area Easthaven
Owner(s) Grisella
Services Drinks
People Grisella,
Winter's Cradle Tavern is located in Easthaven. This tavern is property of Grisella, who runs the place as well. There are no lootable containers in this building. She has a short quest for the player to kill four beetles in the cellar of the building. The party gains 140 from killing the creatures, some experience for completing the quest and 5 Gold Pieces.

Every party starts the game in this tavern and several seconds later, they are greeted by Hrothgar, who is an experience warrior and leader of the town. He needs adventurers and warriors who can join him on his expedition.


Drink Gold Rumor chance
Winter Wine 5
Mead 4
Frost Giant Yellow Snow Melt 2
Grisella's Dale Ale 1
Luskan Stout 3
Cormyran Brandy 10
Knee Knacker Cider 4

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